For Sale KL Swapped Protege5

Putting up my KL swapped Protege5 for sale. I have a build thread chronicling the swap itself here:

Car and I am located in the Detroit Metro area in Michigan.

I bought this car after writing my last (second) Protege5 off in KY in July 2019. The car was previously in a front end accident, but this hasn't affected the alignment. I pulled my core support and crash bar off my old Pro5 and intend on that going with the car. The paint isn't in great shape; it's been resprayed, but mechanically it's sorted. I have swapped over the following parts from my second Protege5:

-Tokico Illumina struts/ Eibach Sport Springs
-AWR 21mm RSB with adjustable endlinks, new rod ends included but not installed
-rear strut tower brace

-AWR front and rear mounts
-AWR transmission mount insert (pass mount insert was ruined)

- MFactory Limited Slip Differential
- South Bend clutch
- Spec aluminum flywheel

-TWM short throw shifter
-Alpine UTE-73BT headunit

-JDM rear taillamps, retrofitted rear foglamp function
-Retrofitted headlamps (could use re-clearing)

I've installed new parts since owning the car:
-Front LCAs with Superpro LCA bushes
-ARP extended lug studs in the front
-new front swaybar bushes on the subframe
-camber bolts up front, with a spare box/set in the boot to be installed on the rear
-windshield (took a gnarly rock to it 50 miles into ownership driving out of Texas, grr)
-Yakima landing pads for roof rack. Haven't decided if I want to let the rack go with the car just yet, can be discussed

The car and engine mileage are, very conveniently, within 400 miles of one another. It's got OBD2 onboard, but throws codes due to missing the rear O2 sensors, and lacking any form of automatic transmission-related components. It starts up just fine, and monitoring AFRs with a wideband, it was operating perfectly healthy. I would not suggest buying this car if you're in a state that requires emissions testing, as I doubt it would pass the readiness test due to the lack of transmission sensors.

I want to shift the spares that I have for the car too:
-Hawk HPS front pads, good life left in them
-misc. brake hardware (clips, covers, pins)
-BNIB slave cylinder
-BNIB camber bolts for the rear struts
-spare jackshaft
-spare tensioner pulley and bracket
-chrome exhaust tip which I think would fit well with a larger exhaust
-spare, used, MSP axles
-BNIB axle nuts
-two front window rain deflectors
-leather car bra - this will require some pop rivets to work
-front wheel bearing (spare)
-front wheel seals (if that's your thing, for the wheel bearings)
-rear strut mounts
-strut bellows
-spare (used) air filter (I am weird and hold a spare for whatever reason)
-components required to go to an EDIS ignition setup if a MSPNP ECU was used
-spare set of floor mats
-spare set of USDM taillamps
-spare pass side HVAC surround with cutout for 52mm gauge
-timing covers (removed to check belt condition and ensure it's not in need of replacing

I autocrossed the car once last year (2021). It did well enough, and survived, but I think that beating the snot out of the transmission, with a limited slip diff and sticky tires, without a transmission saver brace, likely did the old transmission case in. It cracked where the VSS goes. It has a new case installed onto the transmission, with the old gearset and MFactory LSD in it. I would strongly recommend getting a brace if you intend on driving the car as hard as I did.

I would like to see this car go to someone who will get into motorsports with it. I think that the chassis as it's currently set up is very nimble, and it still puts a smile on my face. Since I have another project car, it doesn't make sense for me to mothball this one. I'm open to discussion on pricing. I'd like to get $4700 for this, but understand that it's a bit of a "gamble" picking up someone else's project car.


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I know I know. I'm not going to say I won't be sad to see it go. In a way it'll be strange being "out of the Mazda game" so to speak, but it's something that will allow me to explore other cars and that I think, is a sort of natural progression of things.
I've dropped the price on this to $4700. I'll be purchasing a new battery for this in the spring, as the old one was kaput. It's been parked throughout the winter, likely wondering why I've left it alone.
I've dropped the price on this to $4700. I'll be purchasing a new battery for this in the spring, as the old one was kaput. It's been parked throughout the winter, likely wondering why I've left it alone.
My stock engine in my 03 P5 just died. Is it worth it To buy a KL and swap it and is it going to be difficult to find parts for it?
If you're mechanically and electrically inclined you can probably get KL parts for similar enough prices to the FS engine. But the shortlist for the KL swap would put the swap at a higher cost than just swapping in another FS if you can get your hands on one.
Bumping this as a summer toy for anyone looking for one. Autocross, maybe even track driving, could be enjoyed in this wonderfully weird vehicle :)

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