Mazda6 supply and pricing now and in 6 months?

Honda HRV
What are our expectations for the supply of new and used Mazda6s over the next 6 months?

Needing to add a second vehicle to our household, for the hubs. Just about paid off my CX-5. Absolutely love it, and the Mazda6. Don't care that the 6 is discontinued or that it hasn't been upgraded in awhile. The GT Reserve and Signature trims are perfect.

My local Mazda dealer has no Mazda6s and no expectation of getting more. I'd gladly buy a used 2018 > now. Seems like I’ll have to travel to get it.

Do you buy that the chip shortage, new car shortage, and fed pumping money into the economy will cause used prices to continue to soar, or get worse? Or will the news of the Mazda6 being discontinued cause more people to dump them (trade, not purchase at lease end, etc)? Basically, should I shop hard now and get it done or will the discontinue cause a faster value spiral in the coming months?

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