Mazda5 Stereo Wiring Information


2007 Mazda5
Found this on Included are both the diagram of the harness plug, as well as the color-coding associated with each wire in the harness.

Also, I read multiple posts on the forum that the Mazda3 and Mazda5 wiring is different. Well according to this, that's half true... while the color-coding of the wires is COMPLETELY different, the harness plug has the same layout of connections.


(I've also attached this document as a Word document for text and easier printing.)


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I have wires 9(Blue) and 10(Blue with White stripe)

9 - Power Antenna
10 - Amplifier Turn On

where do this wires go?
Vehicle Speed Sensor

Hope it's not bad form to resurrect an old thread. I just got a JVC receiver that can take advantage of the speed signal pin (on Mazdas it's called the Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS). I'm trying to find the most convenient location to tap into the that signal. One thread has info on getting at it from the PCM under the hood, but I'd prefer to avoid fishing a wire through the firewall. A German forum shows the signal present on the radio harness at pin 1I. I've attached the photo for convenience and in case that thread disappears. Has anyone confirmed whether that signal works? I haven't yet taken apart the dash to install the new radio. I'm doing the prep work, wiring up the harness adapter, Axxess ASWC, and doing research like this.



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