Mazda MP3 part deux!

Not gonna drop 25g's for that if that is what it's gonna be. Does anybody have some insurance quotes for this thing that will help alot of people decide right there just like me otherwise I'd be rollin in a wrx.


what to do, what to do?

The Mazdaspeed is sweet I think. I would want a black one though.

I got my P5 in April and would get killed trading the car in so soon.

Can you say negative equity? I knew you could.

If I could talk my wife into trading her '99 Eclipse in then we could do it. It's paid off and worth $16,000.

I know if I walk into my Mazda dealer with that, "i want this car look" he is going to just tell me to bend over his desk and he'll get me into that car. :eek: :eek:

Any advice from the more experienced car buyers. I have traded 5 cars in my lifetime but I was fortunate enough to have good sales people and Finance people who made it so easy!


as an x-dealer employee, i can tell you this.....we didn't even get much of a discount on new cars. mazda put in about 500-1000 markup in the cost. the dealer cant even mark up the sticker price cause they get the stickers direct from mazda, bargain point 1. Bargain point 2 always agree on the price of the car first...don't even tell them you have a trade-in or down payment at first. Bargain point 3 get some info off of or most dealers will use those to determine trade in price. they usually will use black book prices instead of blue book which both those sites give you. I would expect a good dealership to go maybe 500-800 below what you see listed as blue book value. Biggest piece of advice, shop around, get quotes from a couple of dealers on both trade-in and new car price..use that as a bargaing tool. it helps too if you go to a site like and get the msrp and wholesale figures on the car you want..the dealer can't back out but so much when he knows you know what whole sale price is. being the mazdaspeed isnt out yet that maybe difficult though.


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well, since the eclipse is paid for, its then your car, no negative equity...tell them what you want but DO NOT tell them what you want to spend...