Low to no engine compression


2002 Protege
hi, got a 2002 2.0 ls Protege ,five speed 218k
Kiddo was driving down the highway and motor died.
got it home and checked compression and number 1 cylinder had 30 psi and the rest have none.
I'm thinking timing belt. I check the belt and its old but no teeth are missing and the timing is
checked the cam pulleys and the locating pins are good.
only thing I can think of is bent valves,but this is supposed to be a non interference motor and
timing was right.
maybe engine over revd and bent valves,but trustworthy kid says she was just driving down
highway normally.
spark plugs are old but doesn't look like anything has hit them.
Its been a great car and would like to keep it going but don't have time to overhaul it.
so what gives? I'm stumped.