Interior Door Panels Rippled

I have a 2021 CX-30 and noticed that when the sun hits the upper door panel (black), vertical ripples or bumps can be seen. I checked and all four doors have this.

Has anyone else experienced this? Seems like a fairly significant quality control issue.
It’s hard to see in the pictures but the vertical lines you see are all bumps that can be felt and are more visible in person.

I do have the front windows tinted however, the rear doors exhibit the same issue and they were tinted from the factory.
Hmm, well there is a possibility that when the dealer was doing PDI and detailed the windows, that they caused it with chemicals or soap they used that they let dry causing the vertical streaking. It is highly unlikely, as in just about impossible that all four door panels were manufactured this way as a defect. Have you tried a high quality interior cleaner on the panels to see if it can be removed?
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It does look a lot like drip marks. And it would have to be a fairly strong cleaner/product for it to affect the materials enough to feel it with your hands.

Maybe get a second opinion from a well-regarded local detailer?
These are not water spots….but rather raised ripples or bumps. Not saying it isn’t possible, but I’d be surprised if a cleaner or tinting agent designed to be used in the automotive realm would cause plastic to deform in perfect vertical ribs.

I have booked the vehicle in for service to have the dealer take a look at it.
Thanks for posting pics…I can clearly see what you’re describing in the above pic…If it’s not what has been suggested already here, could it be simply defective panels?

Good idea to have the dealer take a look, please do keep us updated if possible…I wonder if the dealer has seen this issue before..?
I had my service appointment today. The dealer confirmed the issue and the service manager suggested their may have been an issue with the injection molding process. There are no TSBs and so far this is not a widely known issue. He did look at two other CX-30s on their lot and they exhibited the same problems.

He took photos and sent them to their regional service rep who said this issue would go directly to engineering in Japan for follow up.

I'm not a huge fan of the luxury route Mazda Corporate is taking with their models and such a defect certainly kills the luxury vibe.
Thanks for the update...Yeah it seems like this may be a manufacturing defect. That said, I would be very surprised if established luxury car manufacturers have never had defects...While this is unfortunate, what's important is how they handle and learn from the issue.

Please keep us updated if possible, I hope they take good care of you and that everything works out!