Installed paddle shifters in my CX-9

I happen to have the heated steering wheel, so this makes me believe that I cannot have that and paddles at the same time. Has anyone seen a 6 with both heated steering wheel and paddles?

My 2017 Mazda 6 GT has both.
Heated steering wheel and paddle shifters.
Maybe only in Canada???
Hey guys, so I'm trying to find the correct part numbers to do this retrofit on a 2017 CX-9. My simple logic was to try and find the parts for 2017 Mazda6 since the parts for a 2016 Mazda6 seem to work for a 2016 CX-9.

Wire Harness: ?? (for 2016 Mazda 6, the following part seems to work: BNK8-66-4M2 (link) )
Rear cover: GRT7-32-049D-02 (Link)
Paddle Switch/Paddles: BHT1-66-3P0 (Link)
Paddle Switch Screw/Bolt: GJS2-32-750 (Link)

I based this parts list from the following DIY guide for a 2016 Mazda6 retrofit:

Anyone have any idea on the correct part number for the Wiring Harness? It's only a ~$20 part so I might just get the one used in the above DIY guide and see if it works on a '17 CX-9 since I doubt there were any serious upgrades to the steering parts between a '16 and '17 CX-9.

Just mainly checking to see if anyone's been successful with this retrofit (aside from the OP who hasn't provided parts numbers used for his install)?

The part GRT7-32-049D-02 is incorrect for a rear cover. It does NOT have the cut outs necessary for paddleshifters. It is just the regular rear cover. I have a 2017 Mazda6 and I wanted to install paddle shifters as I use the manual mode 90% of the time.

I purchased that part and just got a regular cover despite the parts sticker indicating the part number I purchased. Dealership just said they don't know. I contact Mazda US customer support and they forwarded the inquiry to the parts team. After a few days I got a email saying the parts team 'confirmed' it was the correct part for paddle shifters... So basically Mazda USA doesn't even know the correct part.

I then purchased the $80 rear cover 'with leather' for the 2016 model and it does not fit the 2017 model; the 2016 rear cover differs in where the center hole cutout is placed. I figured it's possible it wouldn't be too much different but I was wrong. From the 2016 to 2017 Mazda6 the steering wheel buttons changed as well so I guess they also made a change to the rear cover.

This bit of confusion also makes me wonder... why was TK4832049A02 discontinued? Why do all the OEM parts sellers sites specify that part is without paddles and GRT7-32-049D-02 is specifically for paddles? Perhaps it was discontinued because of the incorrect labeling and TK4832049A02 was actually the one to support paddles.

At this point I'm not sure if I should try buying a couple other rear covers and see if they work. Currently already spent $200 on useless parts including the paddles and wiring harness just because Mazda can't even give me the correct part #. So I know that the 2017 CX3 has a very similar steering wheel button layout and the rear cover part for that is B64E-32-049-02. Still thinking about whether it would be worth it to give it a shot.
Thanks spaceman12, that's damn strange & frustrating that it's the wrong rear cover! There has to be an actual rear cover that fits a 2017 Mazda6 WITH paddles. So frustrating. Thank you for sharing that cautionary tale.

Good thinking on the CX-3, but I understand your hesitation to spend any more money. You're at least somewhat fortunate that you trying to do the retrofit on a Mazda6, since it already comes fitted with the additional wiring harness that is within the steering column. I don't believe the CX-9 has that pre-installed.

If the CX-3 has the same steering wheel, maybe it also has the same paddle shifters. That may mean it also has a compatible rear cover. Again, hard to be certain!
Here's a photo of a 2017 CX-3 steering wheel with paddles. Looks to be the same wheel as the 2017 CX-9 and also the 6.

So I found this for 2017/2018 3 and CX3.

Rear Cover - Mazda (B64E-32-049-02)


Yes I came across that part as well. I have been busy and also trying to ignore this for a while. I've recently vinyl wrapped my 6's roof in black and added a black rear spoiler so that kept me happy for a short time. But I use the manual mode so often I keep getting reminded of this... especially when I want to come out of a turn unwinding the steering wheel it is a bit unhandy to try to downshift at the same time. If only I had those paddle shifters!

Anyways I went ahead and ordered the B64E-32-049-02 part. After receiving and checking it I will definitely come back to report my findings.
Hi guys, I did install the paddle shifter on my 2019 CX9 following information on parts and guidelines shared in this thread. As for the the rear cover steering, I used CX3 rear cover with slight modification to accommodate air bag removal holes.

Since my CX9 does not come with the prewiring for the paddle shifter, I bought K015-V7-481 wire harness to connect from the Start/Stop Unit to the Clock Spring. However this wire harness terminal connector does not fit to the Start/Stop Unit housing, so I replace the connector with a smaller dupont connector that fits with the Stop/Start Unit housing.

Now everything has been installed and all wire are connected, however the paddle shifter does not work. I run a diagnostic check using OBD FORscan, and found that the Paddle Shifter option is not activated on the BCM.

Does anyone have a saved BCM file for the CX9 with the paddle shifter installed? I would like to compare the BCM program before reconfiguring the BCM program on my CX9.

Btw, I am from Indonesia. I think my CX9 is imported from Japan. We don't have various trim ie GT, Signature, etc.

Thank you.
Hi guys,

Did any of you face a problem in the Traction control system (TCS) after installing the paddle shifter? When press the TCS button IC doesn't show the traction control off logo (indicator does not light up)

When I startup the car IC shows all indicators are working fine including the TCS indicator.

My car: Mazda CX-9 (2019) with MRCC and LKAS.
VIN start with JM5 for GCC market

Did anyone figure this one out? I have a 2019 CX-9 GT with the heated wheel and would love to add paddles, but I'd want to keep the heated wheel. Is it the same process as the Mazda6?