Important Info: Using the iDataLink Maestro RR in Mazdas

South Carolina
12 MZ5 13 CX-5
iDataLink just came out with a plug and play T-Harness for our Mazdas, part number HRN-HRR-MA1. This will make installing an aftermarket radio completely baboon-proof. However, it's not widely available at all right now, so for the time being, we still have to use the generic harness.

But, there's a caveat to using the generic harness. When you go to flash your module using the WebLink updater, if you put your exact car in, the module will not get the correct firmware! It wants you to have purchased something that you technically can't purchase, that harnesses!

I called iDataLink's tech support this morning, and they quickly found the error and issued a patch to WebLink. If you are trying to flash the module with the generic harness instead of the Mazda specific harness, you have to put your car in as a 2010 Mazda MA1-SI. Do that, and it flashes fine!