Hood latch broken (2018 CX-9 GT)


2018 CX-9 GT
Hey guys.
My 2018 CX9 GT has a broken hood latch. Went to check the oil etc the other day and when I pulled on it, I heard the spring recoil and the latch has no play. The hood is still in the lock or closed position, can't get my finger in.

I didn't want to start jamming a screw driver into it just as yet, figured I'll ask to see if anyone else had this problem and how they fixed it. I was quoted $38 for a new latch and cable and $230 in labour for 2 hours (dealer).
I'll buy it but not looking to pay those guys anything else.

Any ideas?
I couldn't find any write ups on here, I'm guessing it's not very common on any CX vehicles. (Tried searching for the CX5 as well, nothing)

When you pull the release lever by the foot well, is it released? Maybe try driving around the neighborhood and see if you can rattle it open.

Another idea, try putting pressure on the latch area like you're doing CPR while another person continuously pull the release lever.
I'm able to get it open by just giving it slight pressure upwards, after pulling the cable. I didn't hear it release but it did.

Any one have info or write ups on replacing the broken latch? Only saw something on a Mazda3, nothing on the CX vehicles on my search.