Help! Trying to turbo my Protege5

Hello all! I currently have a 2002 P5 and am trying to turbo it! I know it has been done and multiple threats have been done on it however none fit my dilemma. Lucky enough I just purchased a 2003 Speed Protege as a parts car for my P5 the car has everything including ecu except you guessed it the turbo and down pipe. I have the intake and exhaust manifold so I'm good on that department. I know I will need to get new lines for cooling and oil supply and return however my first hurdle is finding a new turbo. Does anyone have a recommendation on a turbo that will mount up to the stock manifold or even better a turbo from the speed protege? Another option I was thinking of is finding a car that runs the same turbo as the speed protege and pulling that for my car. Also are there any front mount intercooler recommendations? I have the OEM side mount but do not want to replace the radiator or have a side mount as I've read, they are not that great. If anyone is hunting for a Speed Protege parts and I am not using it, I am all for getting it to you! Thank you for the help!
gt28rs turbos are probably easier to find, there’s knockoff ones, and there’s legitimate ones. i have a $150 “maxpeedingrods” turbo and the engine went before it did. i can’t say i recommend it, ive only driven the car 800ish miles, but it’s solid and has a 1 year warranty. if you want to spend some more cash you can get downpipes from speed circuit. the waste gate doesn’t fit up like it should so you would need to get the correct bracket. as far as oil and coolant lines, go to a nearby hydraulic shop and get them made for you there. they’re not too pricey but you know it’s the right stuff. coolant lines can be stolen off the throttle body if you don’t have the original stuff still in the car. i live in utah and it started fine in 10 degree weather. and also for a front mount intercooler you could just get a kit off amazon, that’s what i did and i haven’t had any problems. i cheated out on most of my turbo setup but everything held up perfectly before the engine came back out and i don’t plan on upgrading any of it. good luck with piecing it together!