Help please! 2008 CX-7 turbo

Sohl Jer

2008 Mazda CX-7
I just bought a 2008 CX-7 this year in January, The only thing done to the car is oil change at a shop in February this year. The car has 89,xxx went I bought it and now has 92,xxx. Warranty is up since I bought the car. I took it to a shop June 9th 2016 cause my father notice oil leaking and smell oil burning, well the shop said I'm leaking oil in 3 different places:
1- it's leaking where the oil filter housing attaches to the oil cooler. The mechanic saying it's the O-ring.
2- mechanic say the front of the engine is wet with fluid at or near crankshaft seal.
3- mechanic say he found drips of oil hanging from the boot of the turbo.

I don't know much about these SUV beside reading on the forums and would like help, information, and what I should do.

Thank you ahead of time.