<Help> 2017 Mazda3 with 6000 kms, Four warning lights came on same time!


We have a 2017 Mazda3 with only 6000KM on it...Drove around town this morning, everything was fine...Fill up the tank at Costco and did some shopping...Done shopping, start the car, nothing unusual...no warnng lights and everything seemed to be fine...Trying to exit the parking lot, was driving around 20km/h...all of sudden, the engine stumbled(in a way that you feel like somebody is kicing you from the back of the car when you try to accelerate...when you apply the brake, before stopping, you feels like someone is kicking you from the front of the car....) and four lights came up,Check Engine Light, Traction control warning light, tire pressure light (was flashing and then solid) and SBS warning light...

Stopped the car and check tires, all seemed fine and could not figure out why...

The Mazda dealership is close by so we decided to drive it to the dealership...On the way, the AC seems to be not working either...the engine keeps stumbling and for a while I found it was difficult to accelerate...Luckily, we made to the dealership no problem...The service department check the code and told us that it is something related to the mass air flow censor...they cleared all codes , said it might be just a "glitch" and asked us to drive for couples of days and see whether the problem will appear again...If it appears again, we can take it back and they will investigate it (today they are fully booked, so won't be able to do so)
We drove about 10km home; AC is working again and everything seems to be working fine again...
Has anybody experienced similar situation before and what might be causing this? Is it sitll safe for us to drive the car?
Here's what I suggest:
1. The dealership has a record of the issue - that is good.
2. Before the warranty has expired, you should insist that the MAF sensor is replaced. Electrical "glitches" sometimes take a while to resurface, but why have to worry about it? The dealership should check for an intermittent ground or power connection before replacing the MAF sensor, not just tell you it is a glitch.
Thankfully for the vast majority of Mazda owners, this issue is not widespread/common, at least from what I've seen and based upon Consumer Reports magazine's excellent reliability rating of 2014-2017 Mazda3s.
Almost exactly one year later after they simply clear the code last time, this is happenning again...I am leaving the car at the dealership now and they will take a look at it coming Monday!