Has anyone installed air helper springs on their CX-5?

I used to own a Mitsubishi Outlander and I installed air helper springs on that to help with towing. They were heavy duty air bags that installed inside the rear coil springs and could be adjusted with air pressure when towing a heavy enough load that would cause the rear end to sag a little. I just had a Curt trailer hitch installed on my 2023 CX-5 Signature and I am looking for an air helper spring kit but can't find one for the CX-5. Here is an example of what I am looking for:

The Firestone Coil-Rite air springs are what I installed on my Outlander but the company does not list a kit for the CX-5. Understandable since most CX-5 owners are not going to tow. I am wondering if anyone has found a universal kit that will work with our Mazdas. The size of our coil springs must be the same or similar to other car manufacturers.

I am buying an aluminum trailer that will weigh around 500 lbs and expect to tow a combination of landscape and construction materials for my home and motorcycles for when I want to play. The total load will be under 1500 lbs which is well within the tow rating for the turbo model but I am expecting loads at the higher end of that range may cause the rear end to sag a bit and compromise safe handling at speeds well under 70 mph. I am not talking about performance driving.

For short trips, that won't matter much. I am primarily concerned with long road trips towing the motorcycles. Last year, I rented a Uhaul motorcycle trailer to haul a 500 lb Africa Twin to Vermont with my Toyota Tundra. I had another 2 bikes in the bed of the truck with weighed 600 lbs total and the trailer weight was about 900 lbs. Total load was supposedly well within my truck's limits but the combination definitely compromised handling more than it should have and at times, the front end felt light on roads that had lots of bumps and elevation change.. I did not exceed the tongue weight rating but 600 lbs in the bed plus the trailer made the rear end sag enough to make things uncomfortable. That is a long way of explaining why I am interested in air helper springs for my Mazda. The beauty of those things is when they are not needed, you can just let all the air pressure out of them. They worked great on my Outlander.

Before someone asks me about the condition of the suspension on my Tundra, it has Fox coil over shocks and springs on the front end, Fox shocks in the rear and really good aftermarket rear leaf springs that are rated to heavier loads than the OEM Toyota leaf springs. When my CX-5 has a little more mileage on it, I will probably install Bilstein heavy duty struts and rear shocks. I am not aware of anyone making aftermarket springs for our Mazdas suitable for my purposes. I am not interested in lowering. The stock ride height is fine.
Member @GotRice23 reported using the Air Lift 60910 1000 Universal Air Suspension Kit on his 2019 2.2 diesel CX5 setup
Information about my setup:

  • 2019 CX-5 Signature Diesel:
  1. Curt Class 3, 2” Receiver, Tow Hitch
  2. Curt Dual-Output Electrical Adapter #57672
  3. DrawTite 5535 Brake Controller
  4. Air Lift 60910 1000 Universal Air Suspension Kit
  5. Milenco Aero3 Towing Mirrors
  6. Custom fabricated adapter with aftermarket transmission cooler - Tru Cool 4542

In his reddit post about recreational towing with his 2.2 diesel cx5
At 1500 pounds, you don't need air bags. My '16.5 sags 35mm with 350 pounds in the hatch.

I installed Air Lift 60905 bags in mine. I tow an R-Pod and the tongue weight can be from 440 to 475 pounds. I'm as happy with the reduction in understeer unladen as I am with the rear being higher. I towed it for a year without the bags and the biggest difference is the safety chains don't hit the pavement.

There is plenty of room and attachment points to keep the hoses well away from the exhaust.

Watch your tire pressure. Their load capacity is determined by their pressure.
@ColtX-5 What I did not say is if I am towing two motorcycles in the trailer, I will have a buddy in the CX-5 that weighs 200 lbs and probably 350 lbs in tools, gear, food, clothing, etc. When I had the Curt hitch installed last week, I immediately felt a slight difference in how the rear end sat and handled bumps and that was only about 70 lbs added behind the rear wheels. I admit it was a slight difference that most drivers would not notice but it was there. I am still thinking I will install air bags. Thanks for letting me know you used the 60905 kit.

Understood about tire pressure. I have a set of 18" x 7.5" Enkei wheels and am looking for 235/60-18 tires with a higher load rating than the OEM Toyos. I currently have a set of Michelin snow tires on the Enkei rims that ironically have a higher load rating than the OEM tires. Never thought snow tires would beat all season tires in terms of load rating.
Added Firestone bags this morning. I don't normally get too much squat with a trailer but plan to carry my Moonbike on there by itself so wanted to ensure that didn't make for unnecessary squat during the winter. I bought them 8 years ago and finally installed them today. I found them easier to push through the coils not-compressed ..unlike the instructions which suggest compression is easier.

I don't know if kit has been updated but the old kit that works was this one

Firestone Coil-Rite Air Spring Kit # 4178

Sure feels like it tightened up the rear some. Not complaining.


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