Getting a P0507 on a 60k mile CX-5

2015 CX-5 GT
I have searched in this forum about what others with a CX-5 have done if they got a P0507 code. My search turned up zero for the CX-5. My next question, to myself, is does a 2015 CX-5 have a Idle Air Control valve? When I look at sites that sell genuine Mazda parts, they show one for about $150. I have already taken off the throttle body and cleaned it. I looked for an IAC valve, but didn't see anything that looked like one while the throttle body was off.

Can anyone offer any help? It's not quite right now, but better.

No IAC on your vehicle - it's all done by the control system. That code is set when a higher-than-expected rpm happens, and might be caused by unmetered intake air. So the first thing to check is that the engine air filter cover is securely latched, and making good contact all the way around the air box.