General "getting started" info?

Please feel free to move this if there's a better forum section or point me to existing post. (I did search)

If there's another general "FAQ" or "Getting Started/Intro" post that I missed, that would be great.

Specific question: Other than RockAuto, are there recommended sources for parts? Things in the "marketplace" forum seemed to be either for full vehicles or performance upgrades. I'm just looking for basics like a valve cover gasket, replacement door handle, things like that. In my area, the Oreilly/Autozone chain is pretty much all I have local, which are fine for some things you need right away, I assume not great for others.


First of all, welcome and thanks for joining up!

Have a look at these threads if you haven't already...

* Regarding CX-5 but applies to all Models

As for the Marketplace Forum, that is mainly a place to Buy/Sell/Trade for Members although it can be used by Authorized Vendors and Approved Merchant Members.

Please read the Marketplace Rules via the link below...

If you're looking for parts and if used is acceptable (although you can specify new), you can post a WTB (Want To Buy) thread in our WTB Forum here...

I hope that helps and if you have any further questions, let us know, thanks and enjoy the Forums!