FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

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Just bought an 02 P5. Came with these funky wheels and tires on them. Logo is Eee Efficiency. Never heard of them before. Maybe they'll look better on your ride than mine.

Anyway, they are 17x7. No curb rash, but the paint is chipped in several spots.

Tires are 205 40 17 Ventus HRII. 50% tread or better on two. 75% tread or better on the other two.

More pics available upon request.

$350 plus shipping, or I prefer you just come and get them. Located in Evansville, IN.

Email j_bossman AT yahoo.com with questions.


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please see my sig for link to for sale rules.... you will need to take pictures of the items, and add your location to your profile.


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Wagonbacker is right. You need proper pictures. PM me or another For-Sale mod when you have the pictures ready and we'll reopen the thread.
Added a pic of all four to make it nice and legal.

Tomorrow I'll try to get them out in the sun for some more detailed photos.
more pictures

Some detail pictures. Sorry, no pictures on the car.


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I didn't like the look. Graphite wheels on a metallic black car didn't look good to me. Probably look great on a different color car (red, yellow, white, blue).

They have a M+S rating on them, so I guess that makes them "all-season".


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So are they sold or not? You posted up "sold" but then deleted the post.
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