Enkei Victory 19x8 +45mm Wheel Questions

Hi Guys!

I'd like to replace stock wheels with Enkei Victory 19x8 +45mm on my 2022 CX5 Turbo. There's a lot of contradictory information about the weight of this wheel (from 25.4 to 31 lbs.). Anyone who bought this wheel, do you have accurate data? Also have you noticed a change in acceleration/responsiveness with weight reduction? Do OEM TPMS sensors work with it?
We have 4 Enkei GTC02 19x8 +45mm Hypersilver 5x4.5 wheels. The quoted weight was 21#s.

They weighed in at 19.8 #s.

Soon we will lower the rear 2.5" and front 2" and get grippier rubber.
Mazda wheels on car.jpg

Mazda wheel weight.jpg
Sharp looking on your 3. Where did you get those cool center caps?
They came with the wheels and there were 5 socket head screws that held them on. I was in the habit of taking them off before I went to the tire store figuring they would appreciate not having to deal with them.