Daisy's 2021 MX-5 RF


Remember that feeling you had when you bought your first car? It's like that again but times 100 when you're able to help your kid get their first one.
Our daughter just graduated high school with perfect grades and is off to college this September. What better way to reward the kid for killing it in life while making sure she doesn't break down in some old hooptie, than with a new Mazda?

Me getting a new toy to play with has nothing to do with it. 😇

Anyway, Daisy and I went to Skip Barber racing school at Laguna Seca earlier in the year, and my girl seemed to have a little talent. She was the quickest girl in the class and the 2nd quickest overall around the track. The instructor told her she has "Instincts". It was definitely a proud papa moment.

The new Miata will stay mostly stock. It'll definitely get some swaybars for that infamous ND body roll, but its already got the brembo/bilstein/BBS package so the main goal is reliable fun for the kid to autocross and do some track days.

On with the stock pics!


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Great intro, @Natey! Wow, the RF in white looks fantastic, especially with that Brembo/Bilstein/BBS package. Congratulations and I'm looking forward to your updates, thanks for the share..(y)
Congrats to your daughter for doing so well in high school and wish her the same continued success in college! Congrats to you too as we know you had a small hand in setting her up for this success. ;)

You sound a bit like @bazooka joe who said he wasn't going to mod his ND. :LOL: Looking forward to see what else gets added to the list after the swaybars. heehee
Thanks for the replies! I'm stoked to have a Mazda besides my RX-7 back in the family.

Daisy's at that point where you go outside just to sit in it and listen to music and stuff. I'm definitely reliving some old feelings from when I got my 1st car.
So cool to see.

I'm on the fence to which swaybars to pull the trigger on. I've always just went Flyin' Miata in the past, but this car has so much aftermarket support, it's hard to choose.

I'm leaning toward JBR or Whiteline. The JBRs have a great rep and seem to be the most popular, but the whiteline kit is so complete...hmmm Then there's the old FM standby that's never let me down in the past.

The JBR parts seem cheaper than Whiteline, but they'll obviously need endlinks and beefier brackets. Most likely some kind of subframe brace too.

Which leads me to a question. Can anyone tell me if the 2021 MX-5 is any different underneath from the year before? I don't think so, and I'm hoping Whiteline just needs to update their site, because 2020 is the newest I can choose.

I'm used to Flyin' Miata being the most expensive, so this is a nice surprise. Again, I need to factor endlinks, brackets and a subframe brace into the final price. This company has proven itself to me personally, so I know it will be high quality and fit right.
I’m pretty certain that the under carriage of the car is the same. I have the JBR sways and I like them. I can’t speak for any others, but I can recommend these. They eliminate all that swaying ship feeling! 😉