2007~2015 CX-9 No Heat Driver Side Only


2011 CX-9 GS
No heat on driver side of 2011 CX-9. Heat and AC seem to work for passenger side and rear seats. Driver side heater mix door actuator seems to be moving back and forth when set temperature to hot and cold extremes. The driver side actuator is moving white arm of the heater mix door.

Any thoughts as to what my problem might be?

What's the likelihood the door inside the heater duct assembly is broken? Or the driver side of the heater core is blocked but not the passenger side?
I cannot comment on the doors given your situation but it certainly sounds like an actuator problem somewhere in the system.

The heater core does not have sides for driver and passenger, it's just one unit and the airflow directed across the core determines where the heat goes.

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