CX-5 Self Healing Mirrors?


2020 CX-5 Signature Azul Metalico
The other day I was driving on a two lane street in the city of Cali during rush hour. I was in the left lane and the right lane next to me was packed with motorcycles ("motos"). From a stop I moved forward as the traffic infront of me moved. Suddenly I heard a load "whack" and saw my passenger side mirror had been knocked closed. I had no idea which of the dozen or more motos it was but I'd hit something, possibly their mirror on one of them that had drifted into my lane. No one started banging on my window to complain so who knows...Anyway I really needed that view so I tried moving the mirror with the rocker switch on my door and low and behold it jittered a bit but swung out to the open position. I had to use the round knob to adjust its position and there I was with my view restored.Later when I could check it there was a minor scrape on the outside of it but in both open and closed position there was no play. Apparently it had self healed!