2013~2016 CX-5 Rear seat center armrest?

2007 3i & 2014 CX-5
I noticed the other day that my mother-in-law's 2016 CX-5 has a fold-down armrest in the rear seat. I've always thought it was strange that my 2014 doesn't have it. Even my little 3 has it. Was this introduced in 2016, or did higher trim levels have it? Mine is only a Sport.
Sounds like I might be able to swap it in the future. My kids would like it on long trips. I'd have to find one locally since shipping something like that would be a nightmare.
My 16 Touring has it.
Wasn't sure since I have a dog cover on the back seats.
That's what my mother-in-law's is: '16 Touring. That's why I was wondering. Looks like it might be just the Sport that didn't get it, which isn't surprising. I've already added plenty of factory options to my 2014 that weren't in it originally. Maybe this is the next thing.
As I recall, the Sport trim had a different rear seat that didn't lie flat (or nearly flat) like the higher trim levels did and the seat back may not have been divided the same way.