CX-5 Audio upgrade issues

19 cx5 09 cx9
So over the last few weeks I’ve completely re done all of the audio in my 19 Touring. The only thing that wasn’t changed was the headunit for obvious reasons. But I’ve noticed a strange issue that I can not seem to track down. I mainly use CarPlay for my audio source and for music it works flawlessly. However, if I listen to a podcast or take a call the audio fades in and out. I’m not using any type of signal sense both my amp and dsp have a dedicated remote wire. The strange thing about it is if I BT directly to the DSP and play a podcast it works with out issue. Process of elimination would say that the issue is in the TAU. Has anyone ran into this issue after adding a 4 channel amp or DSP? And if so what did you do to remedy it?