CX-30 Forward sensing camera issue

Hi all, I've just found your site and joined it!
I bought my CX-30 in 2020 and really love it. The only problem I've had appears to be a software problem.
When ever I turn on the ignition I get a message on the dash, " Forward Sensing Camera Calibration Mode".
(The GPS is working etc.) After an interval of ca. 2 - 15 minutes the camera is working and all is OK.
Has anyone else had this niggle. And how did you resolve it? Mazda (France) haven't managed it!
Thanks in advance for any ideas!
Has the issue has been escalated to the corporate level, or are you dealing with the dealership currently? I would keep pushing with Mazda Corporate to come up with a solution. It seems that for the first few minutes of your drive, one of the safety systems is non-functional.

What has been attempted to resolve the issue so far? Have you tried disconnecting the battery to force a reset of the electrical system? Has the forward sensing camera assembly been replaced?
Hi sm 1ke - and thanks for your input. You're right, for a few minutes the anti-collision system is inactive but after that all is OK. The camera was checked out and nothing is wrong with it - which is right, logically, as it does work; and which is why I figure it's a software issue. There have been a few recalls for systems updates in France, but none have covered this particular niggle yet!