Crazy pricing on 2019 Signatures?

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Maybe it's the shortage of 2020's, but I am positive that 2019 Signatures are more than they were 3 months ago. I am nearly 100% positive that at the end of last April I saw 2019's at dealer for $30,000-$32,000. Now they're $32,000-$34,000 on at dealers. Has anyone else seen similar prices? I realize that this is the 'listed' price, but this is insane. This is the same dealer that sold me my new 2020 Signature for $32,495 + (insane $599 doc) - but still $33,000

Prices seem similar in Chicago. Just google 2019 cx-5 signature and your city, then click on the googled autotrader link

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Yes, there is a shortage of cars since China hasn't sent us any parts or anything else for 6 month. Manuafcturers can't finish the cars, dealers get no inventory. Since they need to make mony the are buying up the used cars and prices are goping up, on any inventory they can find. This will reverse itself when a flood of cars come back from a lease and people don't need new cars for lack of work or need to have 3-15 cars in a family.
Incentives make a big difference in prices people report. Loyalty was $1,500 around April/May, now it's back to $750. There was also $1,500 Customer Cash on purchases. Some also took advantage of the $500 healthcare worker rebate. Adds up.

Now, the incentives are basic again. The mass market car business works on relatively slim margins for the manufacturer and I'm not surprised that incentives were rolled back, especially given Mazda's decent sales the last few months. Currently they are just deferred payments (which is nothing) and 0% APR, or 1st month's lease payment waived.
There's a definite shortage of cars. My dealer has less than half the number of CX-5's then they had last year at this time.
My Toyota dealer friend was down to just 50 cars, out of a usual 300 car supply. He just told me that this week they are finally shipping fresh supply in.
Just helped a friend buy a used car at a big BMW dealer in Atlanta, they are low on new cars and cars are selling well since a brief slowdown in Feb, would not take a personal check but took a credit card for 5K to hold deal on Saturday, senior successful sales guy planned to take vacation soon as he did not have much to sell...
There are no leftover 2019's that I can find in NEO (Northeast Ohio) Between East of Cleveland/Lake Erie and Akron I only saw 2 2020 Sigs.
I read that Hertz is selling a lot of its fleet.

I saw they had a couple of CX5 s at pretty good prices.

I also read that cx9s are selling well.