Cosmo RX5 Engine Swap


Mazda Cosmo RX5

I have acquired a 1976 Cosmo RX-5 with no engine. I am considering a replacement but want to upgrade. My choices are 13B-REW or 20B engine. Any ideas. I like the idea of sticking with lighter rotary powerplant. No sure what mods needed for the rotary engine options. My car is LHD and has a manual gearbox.
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If you want a more powerful and unstoppable engine, i advise you to choose the 20b but it's not cheap

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13B-REW and 20B will both require a good amount of work to drop in. The engine and transmission mounts will have to be custom. Physically fitting a 13B-REW or 20B shouldn't be an issue but the RX5 uses an older form of engine mounting so you'll need to be creative. You'll want to pair those engines up with a transmission from a turbo car from '87 and up and you might have to get creative again with the shifter placement.

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