Clutch bleeding (Mazda2 2011)

Hi All, The pipe/hose coming from save cylinder was rusted and burst. I got it replaced it yesterday with a used one whilst awaiting new from Mazda. The clutch pedal is light as a feather though and doesnt feel like it was previousl to the leak. My mechanic friend did bleed it at the time yesterday in fact spent ages doing so but Im not convinced its been done properly. Are there any tips on what to do to make sure its definitely done as best as can be ? I was thinking of bleeding brakes also just in case but not sure that would help the clutch. Its a 2011 mazda 2 1.3 ts petrol.
I have a 1.5L, but when the dealer tried to bleed the clutch they too were complaining about how difficult it was. The clutch feel after their attempts was less than great. What I found to work was flushing out all of the oil brake fluid via all 4 corner bleeders in proper sequence as well as bleeding the clutch line was the only way I got the clutch to work properly. I did this myself but I cant remember if I did the brakes first or the clutch first.