Cargo floor upgrade?

'21 CX-5 CE-T
Anyone know of any way to upgrade the cardboard-esque cargo floor in the CX-5.

I'm contemplating using the car for car-camping, and I fear that the thin material isn't going to take my body weight too well.

I'm really surprised how thin the material is, I would think a heavy dog would possibly crush/damage it.

This seems a bit extreme to me... But I suppose it's another level of commitment.

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Pueblo county CO
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
It's my understanding that using dimensional or stick lumber in a vehicle interior can result in impalement injuries in the case of a collision. A shame in an era when multiple airbags and safety equipment makes vehicles safer than ever.

I've camped using the regular cargo tray and it was fine.

You can try to turn it into a camper but I don't think you'll be walking around back there.

A piece of luan might feel more stable and protect the surface. I have a couple if smaller pieces of luan and aluminum heat pads in case I want to use some kind of appliance inside.
2019 CX-5 AWD

That's a bit much with the rear seats removed. It's a tight fit even diagonally, probably just barely enough room for someone 6'. I've only ever tried napping in the car with the front seat fully reclined - a few newer models out there have fold flat driver seats.

I'd try out a bedroll first to see how it is and then go from there. I am not a fan at all of inflatable mattresses, I find them much more uncomfortable than a hard or padded surface.