Cape Cod Run Spring 2008

I appreciate the kind words about my son. I was a little nervous taking him out to this,but we don't spend as much time together as I would like,and we need to turn him into a Mazda kid early,so he came along. I was worried he would be pissing people off while golfing,as I know he can be a handful at times while doing things like this. I thought he was pretty well behaved,and by the sounds of it so did you guys. Thanks again.

Many of us "old timers" have been there bro.

Is Dan stoned? Hehe.


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Heh, I forgot about the Subi showing up as well. What? No vids of me driving....geez Dan...great co-pilot ;).

Thanks Oleg for sharing.
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ya i had fun ... minus the rough start to the morning (five-0). I'm going to see if I can make the lime rock event.

Michelle took these photos for you all

So I had my day in court and thank goodness I was finally cut a break. I just need to be thankful now and behave wish me luck out there. (breakn)

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