Brand new next generation steedspeed manifold

Bought it about 2 months ago but sold the car before I got a chance to put it on. The guy bought the car for his kid and wasn't interested in putting on any parts so here it is. $450 shipped 030.JPG
is this way better than our stock callaway?

i could definitely tell a difference when i installed mine. I don't believe there are any before/after dynos to show the difference directly. Some people have suggested that the gains are more apparent at higher boost levels.

But, this will never crack like the stocker is so prone to do (thats the reason i bought mine).
^^that means your hooking me up with the MAM right??? it was built in utah and needs to be in utah hahahaha
(2thumbs) Yup! I switched to a 626 mani, and my MAM gave me issues with taking off the EGR tube, so I ended up having to take the entire MAM mani off, the turbo, etc. just to be able to get a chance to take the EGR tube off. After getting pissed off at the MAM, I decided I did not want the hassle of putting it back on, that thing was a b**** to take off! I'm looking forward to the Steedspeed mani, and hoping it will be a nice addition to my car :D