For Sale Steedspeed T2 Manifold for Mazdaspeed Protege

Steedspeed replacement manifold for Mazdaspeed protege for sale.

These are my favorite exhaust manifold for the MSP platform as the fitment and ease of install is the best. They flow better than stock as well.

No cracks present but it could use blasting and coating to be 100%, still usable as is. Does not include gaskets but I can get you part numbers.

Selling for $450 shipped within the US, please message me for a shipping quote elsewhere

5F7E7F18-D7A6-44EE-A001-7A96EF5D2366.jpeg AF408C35-FC69-43E1-8331-AC081F4D354A.jpeg E643440D-F18E-4CCA-ABF3-39D50668E69D.jpeg D04172F7-197B-4E93-8606-9BEEA99479BE.jpeg FCD92053-1FE8-4387-9444-5536B3E86E80.jpeg 93CFFC88-9388-4136-A607-F20F9F64EB28.jpeg 788B6DD3-EC15-403E-A073-BB3E3DF22513.jpeg 4133FEA8-DD47-42E0-913C-41B4C9449D5D.jpeg