Anyone retrofit the 2021+ CX-9 infotainment screen into a 2020?

2009 CX-9 Touring AWD
Anyone retrofit the 2021+ screen into a 2020? How involved would this be?

Reviving this thread as I am interested in possibly upgrading to the bigger screen now that I have spider cracks on the factory 2019 screen. I know I can see if the dealer will replace or change it myself but. Would be nice to get the bigger screen in the 2019.
The spider cracks are a 30$ fix if you keep the same screen and do the work yourself.

I have not heard of anyone changing the old screen to the new screen and new infotainment set-up. It might be possible but i don’t know if everything is compatible with it, especially with regards to vehicle settings.

However, i have seen people upgrading the screen when keeping the same generation of infotainment. See this post: