Anyone has issues with map not showing correct locations?

2019 CX-5 Reserve
Anyone have issues with the nav map thinking addresses are located in different places than they actually are? I punched in my home address to set the home function in the nav and its shown as quite a bit away from where it actually is. I have a 2019 GTR and have the latest June 2019 update. The GPS appears correct in that its getting enough satellites, and when Im sitting in my driveway, the map shows me in the correct position as relating to the surrounding roads and features. However, the nav system shows that Im at 31xx (street name) instead of the correct 29xx (street name). It thinks the actual location of 29xx is in the middle of a nearby field. The house has been here since 2004, so its not new, and I previously had a 2016 CX-5 GT with Tech, so I had the same nav system, and that one was correct.

It appears that its a database issue in that addresses arent tied to correct geo coordinates. Not sure how this can be fixed, or even who to tell.