Adjustable liftgate


2019 CX5 GTR Southern Oregon
Maybe everyone knows this already though I'd guess it will be news to at least a few.

The liftgate on my 2019 GTR is adjustable. Meaning, I can adjust how high it opens. When we took delivery, the person who did the inservice with us told us this but I didn't do anything about at first and did not remember how it was done. I'm not very tall but have needed to duck just a bit to avoid hitting my head or at least getting too close for comfort. I looked in the manual but could not find anything about this. There aren't many buttons back there so I experimented. On my electronic liftgate, pushing and holding the liftgate close button while it is open for a few seconds will trigger a few beeps. Adjust the liftgate up or down to suit where you want it to end while continuing to hold the button and once at that location, still holding the button, it will beep a few more times and should now be set to open to that height.


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From the online owners manual found at

Changing the power liftgate fully open position

The power liftgate fully-open position can be changed according to the height of a garage.

When changing the position
  1. Stop the liftgate at the desired position.
  2. Press the power liftgate close switch for about three seconds.

    A beep sound is activated two times to indicate that the position change has been completed.

Set the desired fully-open position of the liftgate at the position where it is open more than halfway. The position where it is less than halfway open cannot be set.

To reset
  1. Open the liftgate.
  2. Press the power liftgate close switch for about seven seconds.

    A beep sound is activated three times to indicated that the reset has been completed.

After about 3 seconds have elapsed since the switch was pressed, a beep sound is activated 2 times to indicate that the liftgate fully-open position has changed. Continuously press the switch for about 7 seconds to complete the reset.
2019 CX5 Reserve AWD
Yeah, first time I opened the hatch in my garage it went all the way up and tapped the open garage door. Grabbed the manual and adjusted the open height. Wish the salesguy would of said something but no damage was done.
There is also a small round button on the right of the open button on the hatch that allows you to lock the vehicle. You can see it if you open the hatch.
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If I remember correctly, that button only locks, not unlocks, the doors. I found that half useful...