2022 CX-5?

All CXs of 2022 will be AWD, not just CX-5.

It seems that the turn signals of side mirrors are back to old style (i.e. invisible from the front).
Cost cutting?
All CXs of 2022 will be AWD, not just CX-5.

Apparently, standard AWD on CX models has only been planned for the US market (so far).

Update: A Mazda representative confirmed that the switch to all-wheel drive for its 2022-model-year SUVs is only for the US market. Details for the automaker's upcoming large SUV platform will be shared at a later date.

The way that Mazda has been dealing with the chip shortage is by redirecting vehicles made for other countries (that are mainly AWD) to the US. The current proportion of AWD vehicles in mainly FWD markets of the country is much higher than in pre-inventory shortage times
The seats in the site posted above look just like mine other than the stitching. Maybe it is just adjustments to the padding.
Sorry to disappoint, but it's not a lip kit. That's the standard trim you'll get on all 2022 CX-5s, the only difference will be the colour, depending on the trim level of the CX-5. Also, since the 2022 CX-5 has redesigned front and rear bumpers, you'd have to swap bumpers to get the painted or gloss black trims (and it hasn't been confirmed that the bumpers will be interchangeable between the 2017-2021 and the 2022 yet). Or you could ask a shop to colour match your existing trim, but as far as I know, nobody's done that on the CX-5 yet, so I have no idea how it would turn out.

Yeah, the soul red with gloss black trim looks especially good!
So there might be a chance that the side skirt trim can still work with a 2021?
I'm not a fan either, but Mazda's use of lime green is a little more subtle than the Hyundai's at least. Thankfully it appears to only be available on a specific trim that has yet to be announced as far as I know.

They may be integrated into the headlights, possibly in the high beam area.
lol would they still be called “fog lights” if they are located higher like in the headlights? More like secondary headlights? Lol
Turuth is people cross-shop the high-end badges…Merc, BMW, Audi,Porsche.
Mazda has a very narrow window to get “premium” rather than “luxury” buyers.
In fact, what is the “premium“ competition? I thought my Signature was premium lol.
Turuth is people cross-shop the high-end badges…Merc, BMW, Audi,Porsche.
Mazda has a very narrow window to get “premium” rather than “luxury” buyers.
In fact, what is the “premium“ competition? I thought my Signature was premium lol.
Infiniti, Lexus and Acura essentially.
The FWD CUV planned for the Alabama plant is now expected to be in production in January. This is the CUV that we have seen in camouflage and is slightly larger than the CX-5

The site is located in Huntsville’s annexed portion of Limestone County and is an on-site partner and supplier to the Toyota-Mazda in Huntsville. They are currently manufacturing parts for the Toyota Corolla Cross and in January, will start creating parts for a new Mazda SUV.
Isn't it going to be RWD/AWD?
It will be FWD/AWD as Mazda previously confirmed that a FWD vehicle CUV based on the Mazda3/CX-30 will be manufactured in Alabama, while the RWD vehicles will be manufactured in Japan.

The company went on to say that with the 2018 launch of the MAZDA3, the company has moved to Skyactiv Technology Phase 2, an architecture that allows for multiple solutions for EVs. "The MAZDA3, CX-30, and MX-30 smalls have systems that can handle 48V mild hybrids, EVs, hybrids that use rotary engines as generators, and plug-in hybrids. The "new SUV" to be produced at the plant in Alabama is also being prepared with this (engine) transversely mounted multi-solution architecture.
The exterior changes are subtle enough that it wouldn't stop me from buying one. Even if I thought it was a step backwards.

I find the CX-5 to be right size for me. I was even considering the CX-30 but the cargo area was just a tad too small. I couldn't fit my golf bag in rear unless I removed the driver first or folded down one of the rear seats.
There's going to be a CX-7 and CX-50
It will be interesting to see how they name the larger FWD CUV and the RWD vehicles. They could go with either CX-7 or CX-70 for the new FWD CUV since we have the CX-30 and the CX-5. The new CX-7/70 would have the updated interior from the CX-30 since it will be based on the new platform.
There's going to be a CX-7 and CX-50
The CX-7 should receive positive critics from auto journalists who constantly said that the CX-5 "drives well but it's small". They were saying the same about the first Tiguan, the first Rogue, the first Tucson, the Juke, etc. Perhaps the CX-5 will continue to be sold outside North America. With a line up consisting of CX-30, CX-7, CX-50 and CX-9 or CX-90 it's fair to say there's no need for a CX-5 anymore. If it's the case, some will be disappointed, some will be happy! Let's wait and see what happens. Some markets have a CX-4 and CX-8 that we don't have here but they don't have CX-30 or CX-9. It's hard to satisfy the whole world with the same vehicles. Toyota had a short wheelbase RAV4 in other markets which we never had here.