2022 CX-5 Turbo Exhaust options?

Im curious as to what exhaust systems you would recommend on a 2022 CX-5 turbo? im looking to get more sound from stock and a deeper tone. so far i've looked at:
  • HKS Axleback: carbon tips are cool but having difficulty finding sound clips and 500$ shipping from asia is turning me off
  • Corksport Axleback: Seems a little quiet and Will not restock will june anyway
  • Borla Axleback: very pricey for an axleback and not sure if it will sound good on the turbo as their website says its tuned for the NA engine
  • Racing beat: agian not sure if this will fit my vehicle
are there any others im missing? which one of these would you recommend?
If you're open to it, you could look into a custom setup. Maybe with Magnaflow 14832 mufflers? I found this random video on youtube of a 2006 Honda Accord with the 2.4L 4-cyl. The guy did a resonator delete as well.

Agree with getting a custom exhaust done. I had a vibrant muffler put on my CX-5 (non-turbo) in March. Love the sound. Deep tone, not too loud and no drone when crusing. I do have a Corksport intake installed as well.
Here's a short sound clip of the exhaust
I have a second cat delete and vibrant resonator, custom midpipe from a local exhaust shop. piping from the rest back is all stock.

It sounds and flows great. +2 on the custom route.

In the future, I may end up upgrading the axle-back.
Highly recommend Corksport Axleback!
I just took a closer look at it.

While I am sure it would sound great, especially with my midpipe, keep in mind that the stock muffler is designed to optimize aerodynamics underneath the vehicle. I don't think it is worth sacrificing that for some added sound.

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