2019 CX-5 Touring Infotainment Brightness Won’t Automatically Change

Good Morning,

My CX5 Touring 2019 infotainment brightness won’t automatically change. The system display setting is set to “Auto” but it is blindingly bright at night. If I manually change the setting to “Night” it is exactly as it should be. Any thoughts or ideas on what to check on this?

There is also a sensitivity setting, adjust it to see if that helps. If not then the light sensor is probably bad.
Have you figured it out? My buddy's new CX-5 Touring is having an opposite issue; it is always dim. It must have something to do with the headlight settings.
Thanks for the solution. I had the same problem on my 2020 CX-9. It blows my mind that the instrument panel dimmer knob could override the brightness settings on the infotainment display.

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