2019 CX-5 GT: Does my car have voice actuated cell calling feature?

2019 CX-5: Our iPhones work just find interconnected wirelessly with the car. Mic/speakers cut in when calling/receiving calls, (music cut out during call) It's a great feature. This past week end riding with my Cousin in his 2015 Ford pickup, he often spoke up saying, "Call John Doe on cell." Poof. Call went out. I guess he tapped some button on his steering wheel. I don't know; forgot to ask. So do I have a similar feature available on my CX-5? I hope so, 'cause it is a good thing and safer than using the console toggle to find, "call history," and tap on toggle to call. I've looked in owner's manual, but I can't find anything. I've done search here, but didn't either. Any tips would be appreciated. OR, just exactly how might Mazda have titled the subject in my owner's manual. (Looking for what I've considered an obvious subject in the manual has often has not worked as Mazda defines things differently and they are there, but in a section I didn't expect to find them) Thanks, Dennis
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Perfect. Thank you. Interestingly, in my glove box manual folder/packet, there is NO separate infotainment manual. In the BIG manual, there is NO "infotainment" heading in the index. Information may well be there, but it might require thumbing through all zillion pages. Your link told me everything I need to know. Wonder why it isn't more easily found........
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If you get it to work let us know. I've had no luck getting any voice cmds to work except for radio stations.
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^^^ ditto. With the exception of changing the radio stations I have found the voice command option in both my CX5 and MX5 very poor. The system in my old 2013 Ford Escape was far superior.
Last night I went out to the car and gave it a try. I discovered the, "button," to use was the one between the, "off-hook," cell button, (far left, bottom), and the top button for increasing volume. I pressed it, heard a beep and said, "call xyz." It did. Now.....I did have my iPhone 6S in my pocket and when I switched on the ignition, pretty quick it displayed, "phone connected." So I knew I was that far. Also, what I called was on my phone contacts and in recent calls. At first the display gave me additional voice options. I'll test all this out more when we are back in the car for a longer period. So far............so good..........I hope.