2017 Mazda6 New Rear Brake Pads and Rotors Questions

Hi everyone. My first post..

So yesterday, I changed the rear brake pads and rotors on my 2017 M6DT and I am not sure if I missed anything?? The RR rotor was shot with a lot of groves in it but the pads were worn evenly?? Same in the RL. I changed them as they were at 90% worn. For rotors I used Bosch 34011641 QuietCast coated rotors at $30 per rotor and for pads I used Akebono ProACT Ultra Premium Ceramic Pad - ACT1874 .

I also bought a set of brake caliper bracket hardware kit, but unfortunately I don't think Mazda uses this on 2017 M6 as I couldn't fit the pads into the clips. Even that Mazda actually sells them but not sure why, maybe someone here knows anything more about it. My original pads were installed directly in the bracket.

Now my questions:

1. Akebono pads inside and outside pad were different. One had two short studs in the bottom of the pad and originally were installed on the outside of the rotor. So that is how I installed my set. What is the purpose for this feature of these pads??
2. After the install, sims like everything works fine except one thing. Since the rotors are coated, I am able to see the instant wear and I've noticed that only top of the pad is touching the top part of the rotor as the piston is at top of the pad. Not sure if that is OK as this looked the same before the new brake job. Will the pads somehow settle down more evenly? I would assume the caliper piston would press the inner pad in its middle and not in its top part? Anyone can confirm if thats OK? Besides these couple of things mentioned this whole job took me 5 hours due to a lot of rust built up in the caliper bracket which I had to clean first before installing the new pads. I wish Mazda still used the hardware kit, makes it for much cleaner and faster brake job.

Did you put the brakes into maintence mode before you started? Did you pump the brakes before starting the car? I know that Akebono says bedding isn't necessary, but maybe the pads do need to be bedded
Yes, I did put the brakes into the maintenance mode and yes I did pump the brakes after completing the job and before test driving it. Not sure what you meant by 'bedding" ? Everything works fine its just I am not sure why only the top of the rotor its being worned by the pad for breaking? The new Akebono pads were the same size as the TRW by Mazda and yet, it seems like they are not catching the whole width of the rotor surface for breaking. Or maybe this is the way it supposed to be? The caliper position is not adjustable so once installed, the pads should sit in the predetermined spot on the rotor.