2014 CX-5 - reusing USB/AUX in armrest?

Splurged and got myself a Kenwood DMX809S for wireless android auto and all, installed it, works pretty well. Now I'm thinking about getting those extra inputs wired out just in case.
From what I saw, the USB/AUX plug in the center armrest has a proprietary connector to OEM headunit, so reusing that would be hard without some kind of adapter...I'm thinking about either getting a 3rd party plug that has the ports I need, or get a blank and make my own.

The question is: what's the name of the plastic part that's holding USB/AUX port? is there some sort of standard for that?
I reused the factory socket, and made my own adapter. See: Aftermarket head unit instead?
I saw that post - very nice mod. I don't think I'm quite there yet in terms of DIY capability, and then there's the HDMI cable that I'll have to bring out...hopefully without cutting any holes.

my question in OP is really asking if there's a standard size/name for that part in the 2nd picture in your post (one with USB M-M adapter plugged in)
This is the adapter you need. This one and ONLY this one will work. You'll still lose the headphone jack, but meh, who cares?