2012 Mazda2 OEM Radio pinout / schematic / wiring diagram requested


I am searching for the pinout / schematic / wiring diagram for the OEM stock radio for the 2012 Mazda Mazda2 vehicle.

Radio model number: 14797439
OEM radio from the dealership.

I have spoken with both the dealership's parts department as well as their OEM vendor; neither have the schematics and resort to 'replacing damaged components' only as opposed to repairing components and as such do not carry the unnecessary diagrams.

If anyone has pinouts of the radio: Please share a URL, hand drawn image, explanation of each pin / function or other.

Thank you, very much!

Image of the radio's part and model number:

Image of the pin connector boxes with the radio panel removed:

Image of the gray connector box:

Image of the center connector box:

Image of the right connector box:

Thank you, in advance! :)
This may help
Extract from Mazda2 Manual
2010 Mazda North American Operations USA

Pg193 of 3,782
Audio Unit Wiring Harness-Side Connector
Radio Pin Out Connector 1.png

Also Extract of Detail from 000 WIRING DIAGRAM.pdf - 109Pgs

Pg71 - 0920-2a
Term = Wire Colour, Purpose
1R = GY/R(l), from 7.5A Fuse
1B = L/R(l), from 15A Fuse
1I = G/R(I), to Instrument Cluster
1W = B(I), to G05 (Chasis Ground)

Pg72 - 0920-2b
Term = Wire Colour, Purpose
1C = W(I) & 1A = R(I), to Front Door Speaker LH
1D = L(I) & 1F = Y(I), to Front Door Speaker RH

Pg73 - 0920-2c
Term = Wire Colour, Purpose
1U = P(I) & 1S = V(1), to Rear Door Speaker LH
1X = B/L(I) & 1V = W/L(1), to Rear Door Speaker RH

1P = G/W(I), to Clock Spring Terminal 16
1N = R/B(I), to Clock Spring Terminal 14

Pg74 - 0920-2d
Term = Wire Colour, Purpose
2M = G(I) to Auxiliary Jack
2L = B(I) to Auxiliary Jack
2I = W(I) to Auxiliary Jack
2K = R(I) to Auxiliary Jack
2A = P/B(I) to Auxiliary Jack

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