2010 Mazda 5 Engine swap with Fusion 2.3 ?

Hi I am a noob here. I have swapped several Mazda 6 2.3 engines with Ford Fusion Blocks making necessary Timing adjustments. I have just bought a 2010 Mazda 5 with an engine knock. Can I use a Ford Fusion or Millan 2.3 for this 5. Is it still the same Block with the same Cam shafts ? any help would be greatly appreciated...... I did some research and found some info that a 07-09 Fusion engine can be modified to fit a 06-09 Mazda5, Can someone tell me if a 2009 Mazda5 and a 2nd gen. 2010 Mazda5 have the same engine?
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Thank you for that reply. In order to save a lot of $$$ on a used engine I believe I can use a Fusion 2.3 in My 5 if i switch the oil pan, crank pulley, crank sensor and oil sensor. I am not sure if I have to switch the timing cover yet.
Wikipedia says that 1st generation was from 1999-2004, 2nd gen from 2004-4/2010, and 3rd gen from 5/1010-2018. Is that not right ?
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Well I figured it out. If anyone wants to replace a Mazda 5 engine it can be done with a 2006-2008 Ford Fusion engine which is a lot cheaper to buy. you have to swap the oil pan and oil pickup, crankshaft Pulley, oil filter housing, oil control valve, flex plate, and Thermostat. then set timing. hope this can help someone