2009 Touring AWD - need help to diagnose strange sound

2009 CX-9 Touring AWD
Car has about 85k miles, sounds started about 2 to 3k miles ago very slight metallic rubbing sounds from what I think is the drivers side front wheel. Sounded like the dust shield but has been getting louder.

Makes no noise when fully stopped.

Yesterday I took off the wheel to investigate and the dust shield looked fine. Driving home tonight, the sound is louder but somewhat intermittent - it doesn't make noise all the time when moving. Sometimes applying the brakes makes the noise stop, other times it has no effect.

Sometimes when driving there is no sound at all. Also, when it is making noise, it doesn't seem to change in pitch or volume when going faster.

Attached is a video of the sound at slow speed. What it's strange is that it makes the sound in all gears at all speeds. I even tried coasting in neutral with the engine off and it's making the same sounds.

What do you guys think this could be? Please check out the video below. Thanks.

Mazda CX-9 GS AWD
I once had a strange sound that sounded like a wheel bearing going bad. Noticeable at lower speed, especially during a turn.
It turned out the exhaust heat shield near the rear diff broke and was hanging down on the rear driveshaft. At speed, wind pressure must have lifted it up off the rotating driveshaft so I didn't hear it. But during a turn, G-force forced it down to touch the shaft. And at low speeds, gravity kept it there.
Good news, it was a no cost fix with a large washer under the bolt head.