2004 RX 8 for $700 opinions needed

2006 Honda VTX 1300R
I have a friend selling a blue 2004 RX 8 manual transmission. 98,000 miles. Engine runs but said it needs replaced. Rear axle is going out as well. exterior and interior are in great condition. No rust, dents, corrosion, or body/frame damage. I've owned a 2003 Protege 5 and MSP. New to the rotary world.
Requesting opinions on if this is a good purchase and if replacing the engine is something that can be done in a home garage with decent tools and equipment. Also opinions on common problems with this milage and what I should look for. Thanks for your time. Tim
I just replaced the rotary engine in my FD RX-7.

Over $20,000 later and I'm still dealing with nickle and dime s***. I went big and had it done at a well known shop that's a bit more expensive than the rest and I also bought a new wiring harness and some other stuff, so you probably wont spend 20k, but be ready to realistically spend about half that.

Also, two more things: That 13BMSP Renesis engine from the RX-8 is pretty much what killed the rotary. They're that unreliable. I'd look into doing some kinda 13B swap from an FC RX-7 if you want to keep the Wankel. Much more simple and easier to make power with. The 2nd thing is to beware of JDM engines that went through the Japanese tidal wave. If you buy a used engine from Japan, be ready to rebuild it as soon as it arrives.
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