2003 Protege LX 2.0L 5-Spd Stick...Interference or Non-Interference Engine?

Just checked 20 various sites with this question and half say it is a non interference engine and the other half interference!? WTH. Had a 2002 Protege quit at a stop sign a couple years back and knew the sound of broken belt from experience when I turned it over a few times and wouldn't crank. Took it to my mechanic who said most likely it had damaged the engine since he said it was an interference engine but when I checked back then to confirm whether it was, half the net said it was, half saiid it wasn't. I ended up taking a chance that the engine was still okay and going for a new timing belt and it turned out nothing had been damaged. IT WOULD BE REALLY GOOD TO KNOW ONCE AND FOR ALL WHICH IT IS. THANKS!!!