200,000 miles club


2001 Mazda MP3
I'm at 218,000 miles on my MP3 and was just curious how many other people are above 200k.
I'm at about 223,330 in my 2002 P5. Still drives amazing with the exception of a bit of a grind going into 3rd at higher rpms
I thought about selling to get an st185 all trac. I always loved those. But then I thought about how well the MP3 has done for me even though I bought it with high mileage. I feel like it deserves good treatment in return for its service. Even with all the miles, I trust it as much as any car I've got. If I'm willing to work on it; I might get to hand it down.

Then maybe if I get a million miles, mazda will give me something cool...you never know!
I possibly could have the highest mileage MP3.. My Odometer says 242,528 miles, but I had to change gauge clusters early on at about 50,000 miles due to a indiglo gauge install gone wrong (remember those days?). So add those two together, and my car is somewhere around 300,000 on the chasis alone!
I'm at a shade north of 196k and just blew my head gasket. Now I have to decide if I fix her stock, or take the opportunity to tune her up a little...decisions decisions.
just hit 230,000 and still running like a champ. researching a ton to do a rebuild on the motor and tranny early next year
197,348 miles so far, just did a tune-up coil packs, wires, ngr iridium plugs, fuel pump, fuel pump relay switch, pcv and egr valves, front and back magnaflow catalytic converters. Really got my hands dirty in this one.