Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement

Who is having coolant leak issues and have had their engines replaced?

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Took my 2018 Signature CX-9 with 82,300 miles to the dealership today to get it checked out for the coolant leak. I could not find the source of the leak. Attaching a picture that shows a drop of coolant on the highest pipe I could see.


Did not get a warm fuzzy from the service advisor. Doesn't seem like the type to go to bat for the customer. He also acted like they had only seen a few cases of the cracked head. Pretty sure I'll have to call corporate to see what they can do for me, if anything. This was my 6th Mazda, and depending on how they handle this, it could be my last. If they hadn't modified the cylinder head and gasket, I might feel differently, but since they know it was a design flaw...

Update: The service advisor said it would be a couple of days before they could look at my car, but about 3 hours after I dropped it off, it had already been diagnosed as a cracked cylinder head. I think they saw big money headed their way and moved me up in the queue.
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Good luck with Mazda’s “Customer Service “….
My 2016 is still in the shop. Going on 3 months. Mechanic says he’ll never work on another one. Once I get it back, it’ll be sold. Never again Mazda!
I disagree. Was the testing extensive enough? Did Mazda run round-the-clock driving on a simulated street track with pro drivers for a few hundred thousand miles? This probably would have shown up. Or were the heads cast under-spec? And was adequate quality control testing done? As well as the defectively designed rear brake calipers on the 2016 (see the TSB). And the clogged heater cores we're hearing about due to excessively long recommended coolant drain intervals. Ditto for their choices in the gen 1 cars, the transfer cases that turned into briquets and the choice of buying that Ford engine with the disastrous water pump. No cars are perfect, never have been, never will be. But some things that should have been found were not, and Mazda should cover their negligence.

If I do everything listed in the owner's manual (except using the dealership for maintenance*), then I expect the car to last a few hundred thousand miles these days. In what way am I wrong? (*My nearest dealer is 1-1/2 hours away, an oil change takes a half day with driving time, and the all-stars there lied and failed to change the oil & filter on the car's first time, so I haven't been back.)
I think the problem with testing is that it was probably done on a dynamometer or a smooth test track, not potholed American roads. Therefore, the repetitive bouncing and vibration was not placed on the turbocharger to head flange. The loads of a turbo bouncing up and down are different than on a dyno. Also, unless all of your driving is on the freeway, you aren't replicating test track procedures. Most people run far more heating and cooling cycles than is done on a test track, where they are trying to accumulate mileage quickly. (It would not be unreasonable for synthetic oil to run 25,000 miles between changes on a test track, where the engine might not be shut down more than a few times during that period.)

I wish that I had been taking my CX-5 to the dealer through the 60K oil change (I just assumed the whole warranty ended at 36k, but it had been 12 years since my last new car purchase). I stopped after that 36k because the dealer did damage to the car that they claimed was my fault (cracked cowl piece, and misplaced undertray looking for noise).

And my previous 2 Mazdas had been pretty bullet-proof. My '90 Protege LX had a crank-snout keyway failure at around 180k miles, and went through half-shafts, but when we pulled the original clutch (to replace the throwout bearing) at 238k, there was still about 50% left. And that car had been an autocrosser for 15 years at that point. It's replacement, an '07 Mazda 3 hatch is awaiting a new manual transmission at 198k miles, but other than that and front brakes at 155k has been just oil changes and belts. I fully expected to keep this CX-5 for 12-15 years and 200k miles. But not anymore, which is a shame, because I really like it otherwise (although it's been sitting since July as I can't afford both payments and repair).
(although it's been sitting since July as I can't afford both payments and repair).
Am I missing something? Why are you still making car payments on an 8 year old car? That seems wrong to me. It should have been paid off years and years ago.

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