Homemade Air Powered Brake Bleeder

Does not say how to build the bleeder.
I didn't say it was how to build the bleeder. If you would like I can list the items used, but I did say "I can attach up close pictures of specific parts needed to attach the bleeder cap if needed."

2- 1/4" brass threaded male barbed nipples
1- 1/4" brass female adapter fitting
1- 1/4" brass female air supply adapter
1- Air Flow Regulator with Gauge ($7.99 Harbor Freight)
1- PVC hose (from Lowe's)
2- small hose clamps
1- OEM Mazda Brake Fluid Cap
1- Rubber washer inside diameter of cap
2- 1/4" ID metal washers
1- Compressor

If you have any questions, I would be happy to assist you.
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