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    Rear main seal Leak?

    I heard something about the housing where the seal goes that it has to be sealed with RTV as well
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    North nj

    you guys will make fun of my car but im down =)
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    p0138 code cause hesitation??

    I started my car this morning it was fine then it started stalling and die so i started back on then it started stalling again so i gave it a little gas and everything was fine after. I'm getting a p0138 which is the second 02 sensor. does that could be a problem?
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    How to cure Cel/Mil from removing cat with Non-Fouler

    I just got a P0138 with the non fouler installed so i'm wondering if my O2 sensor is bad or if i had to disconnect the battery instead of deleting the codes with the scanner. did this happen to any of you guys? thank you
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    How to cure Cel/Mil from removing cat with Non-Fouler

    does it smells like gas really bad?
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    How to cure Cel/Mil from removing cat with Non-Fouler

    I did my headers last week the next day while driving on the highway i got the CEL on with a p0401 and two days ago i turn on my car and there was not CEl. Is it normal even if i still don't have non foulers installed yet? thank you
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    Help! Oil on a spark plug when I did a tune-up???

    How can you tell when valve seals are really really bad?
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    Parting out 2002 Mazda Protege DX (tan/sand mica)

    it is there but the terminal where the wire goes is broken =( the same thing with mine
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    Smoke on cold start

    This morning i went to the car, take the spark plugs out and i saw a bit of oil on each piston so im think that my piston rings are not the problem. how can u tell is the valve seals are completely worn ? will the car smoke at all times? (before. the smoke used to go away with in a min or two...
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    Mazdas247 Mazda of the Month (December)

    my favorite protege. congratulations!
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    Rear main seal Leak?

    nahhh. some people say that the mechanic did it wrong and other says that the ton of vibration that my stage 2 caused when taking off on 1st gear =(
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    Rear main seal Leak?

    just got mine replaced a week ago along with a stage 2 clutch after few hundred miles i went in a 6hrs drive and i noticed that its leaking again =(. Is my crankshat bad? were the job done in wrong way ?. i took it back to the shop and they said to change the housing where the seal goes...
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    clutch, which are most recommended?

    i did fix the bolt but still feels like the engine wants to come out of the car i dont know if the pedal needs to be ajusted or something =(. sometimes i just feel like taking that s*** off and get an stock clutch again