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    CX-5 Audio upgrade issues

    So over the last few weeks I’ve completely re done all of the audio in my 19 Touring. The only thing that wasn’t changed was the headunit for obvious reasons. But I’ve noticed a strange issue that I can not seem to track down. I mainly use CarPlay for my audio source and for music it works...
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    Horrible ground noise after amp install

    Just an update, noise was an issue with the grounds. I’ve since moved the amp and rewired everything, creating new grounds as I went. The car so far sound’s great although speakers have changed and quite a bit of sound dampening has been added.
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    Horrible ground noise after amp install

    Power wire came in through the firewall in the grommet then down the center console and over to the passenger seat. Speaker wires are ran down the passenger side to the TAU. I’m going to make a new ground under the passenger seat and see if that makes a difference or not.
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    What components are people using...

    Im running focal 165as in the front
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    Horrible ground noise after amp install

    Over the last two weekends, i gutted my cx5, ran new wires to the doors, installed a dsp and a zapco amp, and a set of Focal mids and tweeters. Got everything put back together to realize i now have a horrible ground noise issue along with an oscillating sound coming through the speakers. I...
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    2017~2023 TAU part interchange question

    After checking my TAU to see if I could use the pac audio connector, my audio no longer works. Looking at replacing the TAU unit itself, does anyone know if there are any interchange parts for part number kn3l-66-drx?
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    Adding an amp to factory non Bose system

    I have an issue where there is no audio, the only thing ive done was unplug and replug in the TAU, checked fuses they are all good and factory reset the unit through the touch screen. still no dice any other suggestions, really dont want to throw $200 towards a new tau if there is something...
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    Adding an amp to factory non Bose system

    Can confirm this pac harness does not work on the 2019 non Bose setup. Does anyone have the Pinouts.
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    Adding an amp to factory non Bose system

    Was able to get the tweeters to fit behind the oem grills with a little bit of trimming and hot glue. Still not sure on the pac audio yet. I’ve ordered one on Amazon and will confirm tomorrow if it works or not. Everything I’ve read on the changes pertains the Bose system and not the 6 speaker...
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    Adding an amp to factory non Bose system

    So recently purchased a set of focal components to throw in my 2019 cx-5. Had a few questions. Does the pac audio aoem-maz2 work in this car not trying to splice up wires in it. Also what have people done to mount tweeters in the a pillars? I’ve tried test fitting the focal tweeters both behind...
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    CX-9 2015 Pioneer upgrade

    Do you have the Bose system? If so what radio harness did you use?
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    Bluetooth Button Not Working

    I know this is old but did anyone ever find a working solution?
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    New to Mazda have some questions.

    Just picked up my first Mazda a 2007 cx9 GT. I'm coming from the VW world where everybody likes OEM+ accessories. So far I like the car but have 2 questions somebody can help me with. The first is Bluetooth. The BT is not working in the car. You press the phone button and nothing happens no beep...