Shut off rear radar sensors?

I carried a long post today that stuck out past the rear bumper by about 2ft right in the driver's side corner, just above the radar sensor location. The rear alert bell ran continuously for entire trip. I had rigged the hatch latch so that alert was not on, thankfully.
I looked in the manual to see if the rear radar could be shut off and it's mentioned that it can be shut off but I can't find where it tells how to do it.
I have to move the post again so does anyone know how to shut off the rear radar system?
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Doesn't the CX-9 have a button on the dash? The CX-5 and every other vehicle I've driven with parking sensors does.
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Nope, I stopped that by putting a piece of 1/4"aluminum rod in the latch. It's the beeping from the rear sensor thinking there's something there - it's bouncing off the post that's hanging out beyond the bumper.
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I would try going into the settings-safety and turning blind spot monitoring off. That’s what the rear radar sensors are for. BSM is only supposed to be beeping when the turn signal is activated however, so I am not sure these sensors are the ones causing your beeping.

Is there any chance this may have been another type of alarm? Did you have any type of warning on the dash while it was beeping ? Could it have been a seat belt alarm maybe? What year is your Cx-9?
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It's a 2019 Sig. Love it, BTW. I'll try shutting off the BSM and see if that's it.
No indicators on the dash, just a fast beeping from the left rear corner. I actually used the passenger seat belt to help secure the post, so that's probably not it.
One other thing - when I stopped the car, the beeping stopped until I got to maybe 5 mph, then it started again. It's like the car is saying, you're slow enough now, so no warning is needed.
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The more i think about it the more i think it is the liftgate. The radar alert Sound wouldn’t Come from the rear i think.
The owner manual alerts section indicates there is a constant beeping when driving with the liftgate open above ( i think) 5 mph. I don’t know how to turn it off, but removing the power liftgate fuse may do the trick.

Power Liftgate Warning Beep (Some Models)​

If system operation precautions are necessary, the driver is notified by the warning sound.
CautionsWhat to check
The beep sounds 3 timesThe conditions required for the power liftgate to operate have not been met, such as an object being stuck in the liftgate.
The beep sound continuesThe vehicle is being driven with the liftgate open. Stop the vehicle and close the liftgate.
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I appreciate your assistance on this.
It might be the liftgate, when I first started out on the road, the beeping started and the indicator for an open door - the liftgate - was on.
I read a work around for the open gate was to put a rod about the same diameter into the open latch. Before I picked up the post, I tested a 1/4" aluminum rod in the latch with an open gate and no beeps.
So I picked up the post and I inserted the rod with the post and the dash light went off. The beeping continued. Drats.
I'll play with it tomorrow without the post but with the rod and open gate and see if it works again to eliminate this variable.
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